Sauro Cavallini was born March 4, 1927 in La Spezia, Liguria from parents and ancestors, his lineage was origin in Savona.
After many years in the Navy, the father is taken in the State Railways and moved to Florence.
Sauro is adopted by the Tuscan capital in its own right as art inspired.
It 'started to higher education, but since from the elementary schools he's inspired by design.
He's fond of literature and it offers the opportunity to collaborate in the third page of several newspapers by a famous Press Agency. He's followed with friendship of writers Piero Bargellini and Nicola Lisi.
In 1957, self-taught, he exhibited works in a collective in Florence.
In 1958 he exhibited in a solo art exhibition in Livorno.
In Florence in Via Orsanmichele he can inaugurate the first studio where experience successfully various materials: ceramics, brass and iron.
In 1960 he moves to Fiesole hill, near Florence, where he buys a small land and make his own private gome and studio.
In 1961 participates in the National Exhibition of Contemporary Figurative Art inspired on the first anniversary of the unification of Italy in the Royal Palace of Caserta.
In 1961 he exhibited in a solo show at the Gallery Cairola in Milan.
In 1961 he exhibited at the Exhibition of Sacred Art of Bari.
In 1962 he exhibited in a solo show at the Gallery San Marco of Rome.
Inl 1962 he exhibited in a solo show at the Accademia del Ceppo of Pistoia.
In 1963 he exhibited in a collective National Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Florence Palazzo Strozzi.
In 1963 the bronze work "Portrait of the statesman Konrad Adenauer" is placed in Germany in the Palace of the Bonn Government and published in the book Adenauer Bildungs und Deutung (Edizioni Komm mit Verlag).

In 1965 the "Cat" sculpture is a candidate for the "XVI International Prize of Florence Fiorino d'Oro" and won first prize for sculpture. This important recognition introduce him officially.

In 1966, Florence was forced to stop due to the flood. Sauro Cavallini interrupts his activities to devote himself entirely to the restoration of works on marble spotted or broken in the museum of Bargello and Basilica of Santa Croce.
In 1967 he exhibited in a collective of Museum of Sculpture outdoors of Legnano at the Pagani Foundation.
In the same period the various recognitions given by the Florentine culture call him for teaching at the Art School in Florence. Experience "congenial" but soon dropped out to devote himself entirely to sculpture.
In 1968 he made other works including the large bronze "Flight of the Seagulls" that is placed by the architect Italo Gamberini in front of the new headquarters of RAI TV in Florence.

In 1968 he made the work "Crucifixion", a 4-meter bronze featuring the Christ placed at the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte (Florence) in the cemetery of Porte Sante.

In 1970 he was invited to Switzerland in Zurich, where he inaugurated an exhibition at the art gallery Bürdeke.
In 1971 he exhibited in a solo show in Galleria Idea (Florence).
In 1971 he exhibited in a solo show in Galleria Bellini (Florence).
In 1971 participates in the VIII edition of the National Competition of Bronzes in Padua.
In 1971 exhibits at shows Antologica Palazzo Strozzi in Florence.
In 1971 he exhibited in a collective “Sculpture Works of Italian Masters” of Galleria Falsetti in Cortina d’Ampezzo in collaboration with the Autonomous Agency of Tourism of the same town.
In 1972 he exhibited in a solo show in Galleria Falsetti at Viareggio.
In 1973 he exhibited in a solo show in the Romanesque cloister of Prato Cathedral (Museum Opera del Duomo) through Galleria Falsetti of Prato.
The realization of countless sketches and bronze monuments begin to decorate his studio and his works became part of the collections of several banks and private collectors.
Among them, the group of five figures "Fountain of Maternity" positioned a few years later in Florence in Piazza Ferrucci.
In 1975 he participated in a group exhibition at the Salon d'Automne Grand Palais in Paris where he will exhibit a large bronze. In the same period he brought about the great "David" and "Dying Horse" a 4-meter bronze currently private collection.

From this period onward Cavallini will focus mainly to intense large bronze works production and countless sketches leaving little time to collaboration with the galleries.
In 1978 he was honored by the mayor of Genoa with the Prize "La Fronda D'Oro", dedicated to those who, living elsewhere, they honor the Liguria region as a land of origin.
In 1978 he creates the "Monument to Peace." An imposing sculpture of 9 x 3 meters placed in 1982 in the park of the Palace of Florence Congress and Affairs.

In 1982, spurred by the art historian Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, it gives life to the sketch of a single work in sculpture "a tutto tondo" in the history of the arts: "The Last Supper". Cavallini will make the monument in 1999.
In 1982 he exposes two works to Ragghianti Study Centre in Lucca during a collective on Italian sculpture.
In 1983 the City of Diano Marina in Liguria commissioned the "War Memorial" to the main square. The opening is a significant participation of citizens and the authorities leading to Sauro Cavallini honorary citizenship.

In 1984 in Terni is awarded the Prize Golden Valentine.
In 1984 President Ford automobile industry, Henry Ford II, invited him at his foundation in Detroit. The temptation to stay in America and the opportunities were attractive but soon he decided to return to Italy, especially for family reasons.
In 1987 expose a personal of bronzes and drawings in London at the Locus Gallery at the invitation of the Italian Embassy as a representative artist of national sculpture.
In 1987, after a study of the sketches lasted five years, it begins production in large Last Supper. The Municipality of Lastra a Signa (Florence), supply him with an industrial warehouse where for three years he will work until the completion of the work: 16 meters long x 6.50 high.

In 1988 the Minister of Economy Amintore Fanfani suggests him to realize a bronze medal representative to be used on specific occasions. The event was very successful and will have to carry a second one for the University of Florence.
In 1991 the Italian State, as a gift to the Council of Europe commissioned and place at the Palace of Human Rights in Strasbourg the "Monument to Life" and French Poste achieve a philatelic document with the effigy of the work itself.

In 1992 he is received by Pope John Paul II who gives the sketch of bronze "Monument to Life".

In 1992, is anniversary of the discovery of America and on the occasion of Expo '92 positioned in Genoa on "Columbus Monument", a bronze 6 meters high.

In 1992 Prince Ranieri III of Monaco buys the "Monument to the Dance" and it's placed in the Principality gardens in location Fointville.

In 1993 The European Union publishes the "Variations" volume, subtitled "The Concil of Europe Art Collection" in which to review the sculptors and their works in Strasbourg properties of the Council of Europe. The cover of the book is completely dedicated to the "Monument to Life" of Sauro Cavallini.
In 1994 Cavallini won the competition organized by the University of Florence and positions his "Icarus" at Villa Favard, the Faculty of Business and Economics of the city.

In 1996 Rotary Club awarded him the Columbus Award for the Arts in the splendid setting of the Salone dei 500 in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.
In 1996 the sculpture "Fountain of Maternity" - five large bronzes in a semicircle - is placed by the city of Florence in Piazza Ferrucci on the occasion of the European Summit of June 1996.

In 1998 he writes and publishes the volume of poems "Songs of the sea and life" (Ed. Polistampa-Florence).
In 2000 The Italian community in the Principality of Monaco commissioned a monument to mark the 50th year of reign of Prince Rainier III. The sculpture "Fraternity" is placed in front of the new Montecarlo Station and opened by the Princes Rainieri III and Alberto. As representative of the Italian State the President of the Republic, Francesco Cossiga.

In the last years the sculptor because of serious cardiac problems that prevent the heavy monumental work and study sketches engages in the color graphics production. Works of big size that represent the almost totality of his sculptures.

In 2006 he exposes in personal "Bronze in Motion" at the Palazzo del Parco di Diano Marina (Imperia).
In 2007 he exposes in personal "Bronze in Motion" at the Chrch of San Giuseppe in Alba (Cuneo).
In 2010 he participates in collaboration with the archstar Ron Arad and the French fashion house Notify to a project involving his "Monument to Peace" at the Palace of Florence Affairs on the occasion of Pitti Immagine Uomo.

This will be the artist's last official appearance and physically tired will retire in the last years of his life in his studio in Fiesole (Florence) trying to complete a biography as evidence of a busy working life.

Sauro Cavallini dies of heart problems in his studio on July 27, 2016.






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